05 June 2009

Gospel and Guns?

My elder son and I viewed MP Post the video that my friend Fr. Jonathon posted. We talked about a post I wrote here back in March My Post.

Drew as he is wont to do said something insightful. "The very idea of owning and carrying guns (to church?) for 'self defense' is contrary to the Gospel. Jesus said, "blessed are the peacemakers" and "take no thought for tomorrow" both of which make the pessimistic paranoid attitude MP, a great many others and I have been noting is decidedly unchristian. The Gospel does not include paranoia, arming against your neighbor (Jesus seemed to think we should love them,) and certainly loving one's neighbor does not including shooting him in his church.

It is appalling to me that my countrymen are so paranoid that gun and ammo sales are skyrocketing. That some now think of this as 'Christianity' goes beyond appalling.


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