18 July 2009

Sue-z is ill. Please pray

I called the paramedics this morning because Sue-z could not breath. She is in hospital at LaGrange Community with an apparent clot in her pulminary artery. Treatment for that condition is medical. Blood thiners are used to actually disolve the clot.

The current expectation is that she will be in hospital until the middle of next week. Please pray for her and her healers.



June Butler said...

Many prayers for Sue-z and for you, Jim.

Love and blessings.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Prayers ascending from all of us here in 'Ichabod Springs'.

Erika Baker said...

Prayers for both of you.

JimB said...


She is still and and not doing well.


She seems to be in partial renal failure and she is going to see a kidney specialist.

thanks for the prayers!


June Butler said...

Jim, I'm so sorry. I wish the news was better. Prayers continue. I'll post an update.

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