11 September 2009

Death on death

Today is 9/11/09. This is the day of remembrance for Americans. We remember the dead at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. We also remember the many dead in Afghanistan as a direct consequence of the horror of the attacks.

There are others to remember:
  • those who fought so valiantly to save lives in New York and Washington, especially New York's public safety folks -- police and fire fighters
  • the dead in Iraq whose fight began in a direct way on 9/11
  • the many injured some of whom still seek recovery.

    And there are those we should remember but perhaps do not:
  • the brave journalists who faced danger to bring us the images and stories
  • the Epsicopal chapel staff who at some risk provided a place for the ground zero workers.
  • public officials (I know I am often tough on politicians but none-the-less) who assured us the country would survive and seek healing
  • Americans and Canadians who did what they could to help, shelter the displaced and affirm their basic decency in the face of much indecent conduct.

    So many memories!

    Now today, we hear that two people have be shot in Michigan. Apparently this is some sort of protest or anger at 'pro-life' demonstrators, albeit the story is not fully told yet. At least one of the killings was at a demonstration site. So it continues. More indecent, obscene violence all in the name of what? God? Freedom? Rights?

    One wonders that God does not finally get tired of us all.

    On another web site, the news of the Michigan killings was reported rather straight forwardly. The comments are interesting. I noted not one word from the commenters (includes at least one ordained Episcopal "orthodox" clergy) of sympathy for the dead or prayer. But, in advance, an assumed silence or lack of condemnation of these murders is attacked. Already a deacon(!) knows that no one who is 'pro choice' will condemn the killings because the victim is 'pro life.'

    In a word the reaction is pathetic.

    Well here is one reluctantly pro choice blogger who condemns the shootings without knowing if the murderer was attacking 'pro choice' protest or not. If he was that is no excuse and he should still face the force of the law. One cannot achieve peace by creating martyrs and it is simply evil to try.

    What is man that You are mindful of him Oh Lord? Indeed.

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    Christal said...

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, let us pray for peace in the world, so that the sacrifices of loved ones be not lost.

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