04 November 2009

As goes Maine

In the period after the War Between The States, conventional wisdom was that Maine was a bell weather State. There was actually a proverb, "As goes Maine, so goes the Nation." And it worked. When Maine went Republican Congress and the presidency went that way. On the rare occasions when Maine went Democrat, the Republicans lost. In 1932, in the grip of the great depression, America changed abruptly. The new watchwords after all but two States voted for Franklin Roosevelt became, "As goes Maine so goes Vermont."

No more, now Maine once the leader is a pathetic follower of California homophobia. They bought the lies about 'gay marriage.' It is sad but not final. Justice will eventually prevail, sometimes it takes time. The late Shel Silversteen wrote of racism in his great song, "Hey Nellie Nellie" that, <"Its still a long hard and damn hard and bitter ride." None-the-less, Justice will flow like water.



Leonard said...

I agree fully. We aren´t going anywhere...more now than ever before...we´re here (I´ll leave out the and we´re Queer)! Thank you for supporting us along the way...you and millions of loved ones like you, give us the heart to strive to be honest with ourselves (and everyone else).

Leonardo Ricardo

JimB said...


I so admire those who take the risks.


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