22 November 2009

A time to live a time to die -- Final update

Rosanne has passed from life through death to life eternal.  Fr. Jon has a loving tribute post with an opportunity to post a sympathy or triumph note at OCICBW.  Two other notes wort reading are  Wounded Bird and another at GAFCON.  I commend all three to your attention.

She most certainly will rest in peace and rise in glory.


It is generally true, I fear, that life is linear.  Our lives are journeys yes, and we make choices that change the way points.  But the beginning and end points are pretty clear -- we are born and we die.  What matters is the way points and the manner in which we travel.

Rosanne who is near the end of her journey has shown many of us an example of walking the last part of  pathway with grace and dignity as she concludes her journey.   You can check  or Wounded Bird for progress reports from Rosanne.  I hope you will join in our prayers for her and for Gary

St Laika's

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