15 July 2010

Dear Lord the man is a bishop!

Anglican Archbishop Nicholas Okoh is the primate of Nigeria. He recently published a "state of the church" report. I do not know a lot about Nigerian canon but I understand such a report to be a part of his position's job description. This particular report is of interest to us on this side of the pond because as did his predecessor, he spent a good part of the report castigating the "West." Mad Priest picked up a couple paragraphs that are really amazing. But to me, this is the money quote.

Recently, our Church was classified along with Churches who have broken call for moratorium aby the Anglican authorities in Canterbury, in certain areas such as ordination of Gay Bishops, conducting of same sex marriage and border crossing. Our church is said to have crossed borders in its pastoral work in the USA. We reject being put in the same category with churches conducting gay ordination and same sex marriage, and the equating of our evangelical initiative (for which we should be commended) with those who are doing things unbiblical. But for the Nigerian initiative and others like her, many of our faithful Anglican American friends who cannot tolerate the unbiblical practices of the Episcopal Church in America could have gone away to other faiths. The great commission to go in to all the world to save souls is our compelling constitution. The step taken by Canterbury in this regard therefore is ill-advised and does not make any contribution towards the healing of the ailment in the Anglican extended family.

I have been saying and writing for some years that the homophobic mindset is that evil done by them does not count. This is a clear example.


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LKT said...

Yeah, the parenthetical (for which we should be commended) does blow my mind.

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