01 July 2010

Thought de jour

If we do not evolve, how do we explain the progress from the stone age to now? And if we do evolve what makes us think we are unique in the universe?




DREW said...

Only thing that makes us unique, is the Love given by God and how we share it with each other.

Progress from stone age? Technological advancement is not progress or evolution. We are the same misbehaving monkeys, but with nicer clothes. Some of us dont even smell better then our stone age ancestors.

JimB said...

Leaving aside for a moment the idea of memme-evolution, which I think has significant value, we are taller, longer lived, a bit smarter if brain size is any indication, and I can make a case for sexier (two words: Angelina Jolee) than our ancestors hiding in trees on the African plains. We are not static, well except the ABC.


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