29 January 2011

Of Spin and Speculation

Without the "GafCon" and "Global South" supply of self-proclaimed holy people with cell phones, the rules of the primate's meeting that the press is restricted to a daily commentary, is actually being respected. Imagine that, the legalistic boycott and the rules are obeyed. Sometimes I think we are on the wrong side of the looking glass.

Not having those guys there could get to be habit forming, and not for them!



Christal said...

Why are the media bein restricted on this issue? Isn't that sorta anti-American?

JimB said...

Ah well as for that, the media are free to report and the meeting is not American. ;-)

Look at it this way, can reporters report, of course! Can we agree not to talk to them, we can. The rules of the meeting are that these are to be sharing and praying times and that the members are not to broadcast the comments and discussions. The self styled conservative orthodox would agree to the rule and then go right ahead and dial up their pet reporters on their cell phones.

Now that they are boycotting, the other allegedly less holy, liberals are obeying the agreement.


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