10 January 2011


It is impossible to over-state the ugly evil in the deliberate murder of a group of Americans having a political conversation in Arizona. Every American I hope, is saddened by the violent shooting deaths and amazed by the heroic efforts of the three who finally stopped the shooter rushed to help and likely save the lives of some of those shot.

It is a good idea I think, when this sort of horrible event happens to practice a bit of restraint. If and when the State or US prosecutors present a case and one or more person is convicted, it may be time to say something about the conceptual and political factors. Speaking from ignorance is worse than useless.

Which leads me to Kieth Olbermann and a host of bloggers. They know, just know, that the shooter was a "tea party type" as a member of our parish put it Saturday and was acting on the basis of some sort of right-wing agenda based on Mrs. Palin's alleged agenda.

I cannot attack Mr. Olbermann's integrity because I do not attack imaginary friends. I can understand he is upset -- the country is upset. But here I am a blogger, one of those people Mrs. Clinter and Mr. Olbermann inter alia want to censor. I do not know and I know you do not know what the killer's agenda was. But we have the sight of commentators and politicians, especially the local sheriff, announcing that the shooter was motivated by Mrs. Palin.

I am not a fan of Sarah Palin. I absolutely will never vote for her for any office. But, I do not know that she contributed to the action of an apparently deranged shooter. Neither do you. The shooter appears to be quite outside the range of normal self-control. Understanding how he thinks will require professionals spending a lot of time.

Now is a good time to shut up, pray and then shut up again.



C. Andiron said...

What makes you so certain that Olbermann would want to censor you? You seem to support the homosexual agenda, and so does he.

JimB said...

I dunno, I have never gotten a copy of the agenda. Where is the meeting?

Mr. Olberman has been one of those whose elitism has led him to call for limiting the "freedom to publish" to the "recognized" media. In short he does not like bloggers.

I do not claim he would care about me personally, but I do claim he wants to silence any and all alternative media as a class.

While, yes I am a social progressive as is he: we are not buddies. I know this can be surprising but we do not all know or like each other.


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