21 April 2011

A Blessed Triduum

All of Christianity centers on these three days. In the actions of Jesus proclaiming his authority in the temple, giving himself and transcending death Jesus travels the ultimate pathway to the divine restoration of ourselves and our future. These three days are the pivot point of human experience.

The central mystery of Christianity is the ability of the suffering servant to transform and transcend. Jesus transforms bread and wine, transforms our lives from legalism and failure to the redeemed and potentially redeeming future he offers us and transcends suffering, condemnation and even death.

We have so far yet to go on the journey to God. We send our young people to die in wars, pollute our fragile earth with needless waste and cover the message of love with bible idolatry, legalism and fear. But the path, The Way as the apostles had it, survives and beckons.

This is not as the pilgrims in the Holy Land will have it today, the "Via Dolorosa:" the sad way. No it is the way to God, the path of triumph. It is the path that begins in the "upper room" and leads to the dismissed tomb. Come, walk with us who follow.

A glorious, triumphant and joyous Triduum to you.


Christal said...

What does Via Dolorosa mean?
In Spanish it means painful path or something along those lines.

JimB said...

It means about the same in Latin. It is the name given the route that pilgrims often follow in Jerusalem especially on Good Friday.

There are a couple ironic footnotes in modern days: They have to be heavily guarded by Israeli and Palestinian law enforcement and archeologists say it is the wrong route to the wrong hill. But it is their intent and prayerfulness that matter not the map I suppose.


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