26 June 2011

Another Post From The Future...

More from the future.

2012 General Convention requests formal constitutional language for each section of the Constitution and Canons effected. This is to be developed by the relevant committee(s.) Work cannot begin until after the reorganization now contemplated, but not yet completely understood, is complete. A polite note is sent to Canterbury informing them we are, "in the process of adoption" with reference to section four of the Covenant.

2015 General Convention receives the proposed amendments, debates seemingly endlessly, then votes on them. Three deputies and seven bishops are hospitalized complaining of the effects of the debate, chiefly diagnosed as, "terminal boredom."  Opponents of the covenant argue for individual votes on each section amended. Some pass, some do not. Another polite note is sent to Canterbury informing the ACC that the church remain in the process of adoption.

2018 General Convention votes on previously approved amendments the Constitution. This is required because two consecutive votes are required. Some amendments are confirmed, some are not. The presiding bishop and president are then authorized to sign the covenant, attaching codices explaining amendments not passed, and resulting exceptions to the covenant.

The Convention then votes on new replacement language for those amendments not passed 3 years earlier. Some pass, some do not. A signed copy of the covenant, with  new codices, and a polite note regarding the adoption process, are sent to Canterbury.

A polite note from the church in Canada and one from the church in Scotland advise deputies of progress in the adoption processes in other polities. The president of the House of Deputies is authorized to respond for the convention.

2021 Convention receives, “with concern” the notice from the Communion Office (now the, "Anglican Church") advising that the codices are not acceptable. The convention asks the relevant standing commissions to develop new language. Amended amendments from prior conventions are considered. Some pass, some do not, and some are amended, and then passed. A new copy of the covenant, signed by the new presiding bishop, and the new president, are sent to Canterbury with amended codices.

2022 The Presiding Bishop is not permitted to attend a Primate's meeting because she is a lesbian. Executive Council votes to embargo funds intended for the Anglican Communion Council and the Anglican Communion Office. The Canadian observer of the Council notifies them that Canada has enacted a similar embargo.

2024 General Convention receives, “with regret” notification that the, "Anglican Church" has gone bankrupt. It considers new language for a number of amendments intended to make the Constitution and Canons more acceptable. Votes happen on them after considerable debate. Some pass, some do not.

Because the "Anglican Church" as Dr. Williams has dubbed it is in bankruptcy, a new covenant of unity with New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and South Sudan is discussed and approved. 

2027 Rome begins canonization processes for Rowan Williams, "Destroyer of the Church of England." The effort is suspended when Rome is formally advised that the archbishop unlike the church, is alive. He is still explaining why the Covenant will, “keep us together.”  Number 10 Downing Street's press office responds to a query, "He is alive?  How nice for him."

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