28 July 2011

A Lesson In Morality

In assessing the news this morning, we need to consider some terms and a little history. When it began, the "tea party" was a group of citizens who felt the government was hurtling towards a cliff and not paying attention. Within a short period of time, the ideologues and politicians moved in, their expertise in press relations gave them the voice and the tea party became, all the disgusting things it is now. As a friend of mine said, the GOP could not tolerate a reasonable and sustainable opposition in competition with them, let alone critical of them; so they moved in.

It is my opinion that the people who moved in are the dregs of the Republican party.Perhaps the most obvious example was the Senate race in Maryland, but there are others. Sad to say, some of the movers won primaries and some of those won elections. 3245 s grove suite 202 8:15

That in a short story explains a lot of how we got where we are. Mr. Bohener does not get to be speaker without their support in the caucus, and he has become their voice. Even more than the, "family values" Republicans ("family values" is a two word phrase meaning, "homophobe")these people want to lecture us about how moral they are, how God has called them to govern us and about how good and decent we all have to be to live in their country. It is hard therefore not to smile when this is the morning this headline crossed my field of view:
Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $100,000 in child support
So here is the guy who wants to govern us, to tell us how to be what he calls, "Christian" and his family is in the middle of a divorce, while he does not pay his child support. Right!

Every divorce is a tragedy for the people involved and the skill set of an American divorce lawyer has been described as changing people who simply disagree into bloody eyed, raving enemies. But here is an idea, resolve the problem in the best interest of the kids and then come tell the rest of us how to live.


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Christal said...

How can Mr. Walsh legally be allowed to ditch paying child support?

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