31 August 2011

Hat Tip to Mad Priest. This is TOO Spot on!


Anonymous said...

God is such a pinko!

Erika Baker said...

there are more than 800 verses about money in the bible, many more about loving our neighbour, looking after the poor etc.

There are far far fewer references to sex.

God is far more likely to be concerned about social equality than about pretty much anything else.

Shame most of the church doesn't seem to get it.
But it's there - all you need to do is read it.

JimB said...


Do you recall that decades ago, Jimmy Carter, aware that he had a rather straight-laced image did a Playboy Interview? Everyone recalls the line about his having "lust in his heart" and therefor being unable to condemn Playboy readers. But my favorite was a New Yorker cartoon a few weeks later showing several Baptist folks looking at the centerfold with the caption, "I am just sure Brother Carter has a message in here somewhere."

We do not, as a species read, we scan looking for what we already want to think. Males IME are worse about this than females.


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