31 August 2011

I so wish I had written something half this bright.

Go here! Just go. Let me sit here and suffer in the dark world of Spiritual and Religous...



Leonard said...

Yes, hopefully someone with a firm grip on reality and God too.

Thanks for this,

Erika Baker said...

You would never have written anything as condescending and shallow about other people who happen not to share your faith.

You might want to write it of individuals after you've had the chance to explore with them what they mean and why, but you would not be "bored" with what people are going to say before they've said it, you would not pretend to "know" what they mean until they've had time to explain.

JimB said...


Your right, I probably would listen, but I would be thinking this or something close to it. I am afraid that the uniformity of the "sunset and garden" folks is rather a bit much after a while. No I would not say it to someone, who after all may truthfully think themself a seeker, but I bet the author of the piece would not either. I think she captured the feeling some of us have rather well. Note she did not say it to someone.


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