16 September 2011

Ever had one of those days?

Today is planned as a long day. We will finish the last meeting about midnight, 25 miles from home. A long day.

So, imagine how much fun today has been? Our dau-in-law was in a minor collision on her way to work. "Minor" in the sense that she is OK, the car not so much. Then it took me three trips to the pharmacy to get things right. Not the pharmacy's fault, ours. And then guess who had to pick up the grand daughter because her dad is working with her parent's only car? Yup. So here it is 4:45, I am about to grab an early dinner and I hope not screw up anything more.

Have a great weekend!



Lionel Deimel said...

May your day get better—fast!

Leonard said...

Not to worry, ¨it gets better¨ even for straight people! It really does (mostly).


Your Kid said...

Dad, thanks for helping out with picking up Jamie on one of "those days". I can honestly say, I'd rather walk than drive again!!

JimB said...


Thanks! It got more crowded but at least I got through it in one piece.


JimB said...


No pro. Helping is what we are for after all. It got a bit over whelming, but this too shall pass. You are a good driver, and this was not your fault. You will be ok, I hope.


JimB said...

Actually, to my surprise, it was a pretty good weekend. I must say I went to the weekend with a great deal of skepticism and emerged with a lot less.

I think the Wrights (wife / husband team) are not only sincere but honest, committed and engaged on a mission. Whether they can do a large part of what they want to do is another matter entire but having a reach beyond one's grasp is a good thing.

I found their data and presentation compelling. Exhausting and let me assure you no matter what you hear, 65 year old men with bad knees and hips over a pair of neuro-pathic feet do not dance. :=) None-the-less it was almost all good.


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