09 October 2011

"Niceness "Enforced" Two Blog Posts.

At Comprehensive Unity the blog of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition, I have a post that responds to two publications. One is an article in, "The Living Church" by New Zealand bishop Victoria Matthews. The second is a post on his blog offering support and comment by a member of her staff, Rev. Peter Carrell. I hope my readers here will follow the link and perhaps comment on the post.

In addition, on Stone of Witness a great blog you should be reading all the time, my friend and Coalition colleague Lauren has written an excellent commentary on what we agree is the "sin of niceness." It is most definitely worth your reading time.

Update: At Eruptions of a Volcano his really fiery blog, another friend who is also a Coalition member has written about the post and the issue of "going along." No this is not a campaign. I, or at least the really bad arguments I wrote about, seem to have struck a nerve. Well worth your time in any case.



Christal said...


At least you and I will be communing together!! Can't say for sure what anyone else will be doing!

Christal said...

By the way, how many people do you think are on each side of the dividing line? Anyone else have any thoughts to contribute?

JimB said...

Hard to say because the methodology of counting members is so variant. Even if we knew what some national churches would do, we do not know how their internal membership lines up, or even how many they all have.

What I think I know, is that by provinces the Covenant is doing badly. Between some conservative churches that dislike it for reasons other than mine, and the liberal/moderate churches, it is looking very thin.

I of course, think that is a good thing!


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