29 November 2011

Justice Observed

The review committee has issued a short but definitive judgement dismissing the charges that had been lodged against Bishop Lawrence. The reactions have been interesting.

For those of you who do not track this stuff, the charges alleged that the bishop had violated the "Abandonment" clause of canons.  The charge was supported by a series of claims that purported to demonstrate that he was taking steps designed to facilitate a "Chapman strategy" attempt to alienate the church's property and lead the clergy, laity and property into a schismatic denomination like ACNA.

I am one of many skeptics who think that is precisely what he is doing. But we are dealing here not with opinions, but with provable facts. Based on those, the review committee decided that the charges could not be brought forward in the process.

Conservative bloggers seem unable to simply accept the decision. For them, it has to be part of an ongoing conspiracy. Of course, I read, the presiding bishop will somehow reanimate the charges when she needs a story that takes coverage away from her own failures or when she thinks the coverage will be diminished.

Yes, I know those are two contradictory conspiracy theories, but that is what is being said. I suppose anyone who can actually use a computer to push creationism is capable of internalizing some amazing cognitive dissonance.

The simple truth is there is no left wing conspiracy to take out conservative bishops, or others. There is no analog for the Chapman Memo. The actions of Bishop Lawrence will either trigger new action down the road or they won't. It is entirely up to him. Based on what we have seen to date, I do agree with the conservatives on one point, there will be another chapter to the story.


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