12 February 2012

Across the Rainbow Bridge, Farewell Twinkle

Twinkle seemed to rally, and came home for the weekend. She died peacefully this afternoon. As she romps across the rainbow bridge to await her humans, they are left with the comforting thought that all dogs go to heaven, they are not the ones who screwed up!

Thanks to all of you who thought and cared about a very, very good little dog who loved her humans and their other dog, and always was a loving companion. There are tears in Denver tonight, but also a sense that a battle was won, and that all is now well, if less wonderful. Thanks for your prayers for Twinkle's healers, and her humans. I am minded of Tolkien speaking as Gandalf, "I do not say do not cry, for not all tears are evil."



JCF said...

Aw, Twinkle. :-( Enjoy your Golden Tail. Good girl.

{{{Twinkle's Pack}}}

What breed(s) was she?

Leonard said...

It seems it was a very good run...romp in peace dear Twinkle.

JimB said...


JCF, she was a Chinese Chin. A cute, loving little dog.


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