07 February 2012

The Rainbow Bridge Update

As of an hour ago, Twinkle is on IV fluids at the animal hospital and we have no report of diagnosis or prognosis. Still, she is a fighter so maybe, just maybe prayers and care will turn the corner.


Twinkle is a Chinese Chin. A very, very good and horribly sick dog this night in Denver. Her human friends, Brian and Steve are taking Twinkle to a special vet, while his other human friend, Patti is fretting at home with Kimmi their other Chinese Chin. With the snow and ice in Denver, they felt they had to use Steve's pick-up which cannot accommodate even a tiny dog and three humans. If, as we all fear, Twinkle is to cross the rainbow bridge this evening, human friends will be devastated. They love Twinkle. Kimmi who has had a companion in Twinkle all her life will miss him.

Pray with me for Pat, Brian, Steve, Twinkle, Kimmi, for the skill and compassion of the vet, and for their vigil. Holy Frances, pray with us for them all.

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Leonard said...

Prayers ascending...pobrecita, Amen

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