03 February 2012

Why do the elites think we are all stupid?

One can be for or against some or all of Planned Parenthood's view and actions, and similarly one can be for or against the Covenant, or women in the CoE episcopate, all without surrendering one's integrity. But not it appears if you want to be an archbishop or director. Do they really think they can toss out any dishonest argument and the plebes out here outside their golf clubs, will simply accept it because after all if we were intelligent we would be in their club? Hint: the universe does not work that way.

In "Cromwell," the playwright has Charles I say of democracy, "Democracy is based on the conceit that one can find extraordinary things in ordinary people." That should perhaps be the motto of Canterbury and the Komen board. Charles, and they are wrong. Outside the halls of power, we actually do have brains. We perhaps are not powerful because we have chosen other paths. But we are not stupid. We know when we see a rule changed to deliberately catch one and only one charity in the net. We also know that the proponents of a radical change to a curial system not the defenders of the existing communion have the obligation to defend the proposition.

Charle I was wrong, and paid for it. One hopes the same payment is not the fate of either the Komen directors or Dr. Williams. But they are playing with the same elitist fire and the fire burns sometimes.


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