16 March 2012

Dr. Williams Resignation

I have been wondering what to write as I contemplate the news that despite various furious denials, the rumors are true and Dr. Williams is leaving the office of ArchBishop of Canterbury, "ABC" as we who think, probably too much, about things Anglican have it.

Even before the news broke, back when all we had were the denials, there has been speculation about a successor. Here is the truth: none of us know a thing. The process by which an ABC is selected makes the election of the Pope look open and transparent. I tried to diagram it once and gave up in defeat.

In the event, the name of the actual new ABC will "emerge" at some point. It is sobering to realize how well the Church in England can do without an incumbent ABC when what the Brits, with more humor that description refer to as, "the appointment process" is churning.

Meanwhile one can only wish Dr. Williams well. He is a good, thoughtful, decent, and brilliant man who was faced with a huge challenge he simply could not master. I hope he has a great time in Cambridge. I truly join many in the Anglican part of the world who wish him well.


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