10 April 2012

A Kinder and Gentler

Some years ago, a conservative friend and I were at dinner. My friend recited a list of America's challenges: an influx of illegal immigration threatening to, overwhelm not only the INS1, but also the infrastructure of California, Arizona and Texas; something called, "multiculturalism" which would destroy America's system of guaranteed freedoms; a plunging birth rate among "native population" ( meaning European ancestry, not Native Peoples) that meant the country would eventually be minority "white;" and ever lower standards for those academic subjects, math, science, engineering, and English that assured, in this apoplectic vision, that America stood foredoomed to fall behind the growing economic power of India, China and Indonesia.

I listened, as the gift of oratory was clearly resting on my friend. I elected not to dispute the vision (I had not prepared for a debate, but rather for dinner,) until after dinner I asked one question. "If and I do not, but if, I were to accept this vision, what is your prescription - how should I or the country respond."

The answer stunned my more than the vision had. "The only answer is a kinder, less stupid fascism." I asked for a sketch of what that might look like, and was again stunned, literally, I who am almost never at a loss for words, was speechless. My friend offered a vision of an America where:

  • Women were properly dedicated to having and raising families, not careers.
  • Schools curricula and teachers encouraged acceptance of the natural order: men in charge, white and then American black men ahead of others.
  • Universities purged of their "liberal, marxist, and feminist" faculties devoted themselves to making economically useful graduates
  • Liberal churches, in which category my own Episcopal Church was numbered, either disbanded or adopted "patriotism" as a theological precept.
  • "The Jews" while not facing anything "stupid" like the Shoah would be forbidden to seek US support fo r Israel.
  • Banks and businesses, aided by compliant unions, and new protectionism, sought primarily production of those things the State deemed needed.

After listening, and ordering a second and then third Blue Sapphire martini, I told my friend I thought that was a vision of Hell, much more terrifying than the lake of fire. I told my friend I thought nothing like this could ever happen in America. And I largely forgot the conversation, although I was told to remember it because it would happen.

I thought this conversation an anachronism, until this Spring. Now, when it has come back to my mind with frightening force as I contemplate what is going on in Wisconsin and Michigan. Wisconsin where the law protecting equal pay for women and minorities was just revoked because, "Money is more important to men." Wisconsin where the public employees are now denied the right to unionize. Michigan where the State simply lies about the majorities voting for so-called emergency laws, and emergencies seem to have one effect -- denying African-Americans access to the vote.

A minor spark of light is the "suspension" of the Santorum campaign. One less neo-centralizer intent on imposing his skewed version of right wing control on Americans. We still have the specter of a more "tea party" controlled Congress. But I live in hope, and I am actually dreaming of a second Pellozi term in the Spearker's office! We have voted Mr. Santorum into well deserved irrellevance. Now we need to do the same to the facists in Michicgan and Wisconsin and most especially, Speaker Boehnor!

It is time for women, and the men who love them (as opposed to the latent, self-hating, wannabe gay homophobes who do not) to take back the American culture. I do object to conservatives -- I am a conservative. But I can tell the difference between the elitist, racist, sexist mess that the GOP is currently selling and conservatism. We need to recapture the principled, decent, and electable conservatism of Eisenhower and Goldwater, and reestablish the radically welcoming GOP of Lincoln. It is time to clean house and I can tell you how.

Vote for not one male Republican this Fall, period.



Christal said...

I wonder if other Americans are as determined as you are, or if too many just don't give a crap and will let the chips fall wherever they lay.
Well-written and passionately done, Dad.

JimB said...

Thanks! I guess we will find out. If Beohner is out as Speaker this Fall and Michigan and Wisconsin come to their senses, I will have some hope.


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