08 July 2012

The really dangerous ideas about the Anglican Covenant that are emerging at General Convention are not that it should be accepted. If we have done nothing else, those of us in the Coalition, and our many friends, have exposed the weaknesses of section four and in so doing made it cearly impossible to pass it into TEC canon law.

No, the danger is in the application of something that is often a virtue: those most Anglican traits: politeness and reserve. Telling the Covenant supporters how bad their work is, and it is really very bad, simply is not comfortable. And so there are a series of resolutions some from really good people like Fr. Tobias Haller, trying to be nice. These declare the Covenant, "moot" which is completely meaningless language, or seek to defer consideration.

What we need is to remember that our call is to be the weak ones, the ones on the outside with the outcasts. As long as some of the churches, notably England, and many in Africa, continue to treat women, LGBT people and others as lepers, we are called to stand with those people. This is a time to speak clearly. I hope they manage to step beyond equivocation.


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