29 September 2012

Brain Freeze or Writer's Block

Well, it appears they really are deadlocked. This may become interesting!

I have not posted for a few days, and I am wondering why if no one else is. I have written the first half or so of several posts, and found no path the the end. Is that writer's block? Can the owner of a self-published, little read entity like this blog claim "writer's" anything? Or are we dealing with brain freeze - a mind, what there is of it, and such as it is, that simply won't get on to the end? I have visions of Michelangelo being asked by Julian, "When will you make an end" in the movie. I am no Michelangelo!

Then, just when my own indecision has me wondering, along comes the CNC. For those not familiar with Anglican arcania, that is the "Crown Nominations Comission," the group of fifteen elite individuals who are charged to send the prime minister the name of the next Archbishop of Canterbury, and a second choice only for use if the first declines or otherwise is unavailable. After several days of cloistered meetings in a super-secret location, they are reported to have failed the one task they had, naming a new archbishop.

Now that is brain freeze!

Of course, the news could be wrong. The history of British religious reporting, and the history of leaks from recent meetings in the Church of England, leave room for doubt. Still for the moment, the CNC has made me feel a bit better about the condition of my thought processes. And if as I rather suspect the reports are true, we should all be glad that other churches in the communion have discovered elections.

Now, perhaps over the weekend, I shall post something more comprehensive. Or not!

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