24 October 2012

Shame on You Indiana!

I have received some comments on this post, albeit not on the blog. Thanks to all: it is nice to know someone is reading my writings, if not very many do.

I think a fair summary is that this post unfairly ties either Mr. Mourdock or Mr. Romney to either the Taliban or the Klan. I do not mean to tie Mr. Romney to either, but as to his associates, I think the shoe fits.

No one can quite tell me how the Taliban's view of women is different from that of Mr. Mourdock, except that they are more prone to violence. And I will grant that. But the view that a woman is a breeding machine not a person is clearly present in both the ultra-right wing and the Taliban. The misreading of Scripture to support a repressive social agenda is common to both too. I am not willing to retract that observation: I think it apt.

Which leads to what I actually do thing of Mr. Romney. I refer to the Salt Lake Tribune editorial endorsing Mr. Obama. The only discernible political principal Mr. Romney has displayed is the conviction that he should be president. He appears willing to say anything, ignore any inconsistency in his statements, and, this is key, associate with anyone no matter how extreme to achieve that one goal.

If the post below is read as I intended it; it is mostly an indictment of the misogyny and amazingly bad theology displayed by Mr. Mourdock and apparently acceptable in Indiana. Neither is acceptable here in Illinois.

Oh we have our racists, and we have our misogynists. We even have some really, really, theologically illiterate fundamentalists (consider what the Taliban do to the Holy Q'ran and what these people do to the Bible.) But we do not put them in charge. Crooks? Those we put in charge, and then Federal prisons. But not the real nutcases.

Of course I could be wrong. I invite feedback, here, on Facebook or wherever. "Come let reason together."

Living in Illinois, right next to Indiana makes for an interesting sense of how States differ. The history and culture across what are often rather arbitrary boundaries can be startling. This is a year to be glad this is so!

Indiana, like all of our States, has history. In 1924, the only open member of the Klu Klux Klan ever elected governor of any State was elected in Indiana. Edward L. Jackson served (if that is the word) from 12 January 1925 until 14 January 1929. He had previously been elected Secretary of State of Indiana1. He was the subject of a bribery investigation while in office, but was not tried and convicted. Because of the statute of limitations, he was able to "beat the rap," avoiding sentencing and prison. In short he was the sort of politician that makes a State ashamed, Illinois has "Blago," and Ryan who simply too bribes. Indiana has a couple of goofs who make that seem minor.

This mope, Richard Mourdock, is the nominee of the Taliban Republican Party to be Senator from Indiana.
Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock class=
He has come out for forcing women to carry pregnancies caused by rape to term because God wants the pregnancy to happen. How he knows what God wants is not clear to me.

Funny, they both come from Indiana, shame Indiana(!) and both are Republican politicians from Indiana! Shame on you Indiana, at least the former Confederate States did not elect Klan governors.

Voters outside Indiana might like to know that Mourdock is the only Republican nominee for Senator who has an endorsement and ad from Governor Romney. Want to bet the Governor can change that viewpoint too?

1) HT to Wikepedia which has a very even handed write up about the former Governor at:this link

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