30 November 2012

The Right Wing Reveals Itself

Sometimes, when they are still in the opposition position, the would be purifiers tip their hand. The classic examples are "Mein Kampf," and "Sayings of Chairman Mao." Other examples exist in both ancient and modern texts. Some are religious, with the utterings of Benedict 16 while he was still Cardinal Ratiznger coming to mind. Ideologically driven purificators often give themselves away. And they are often ignored until it is too late because their pronouncements are transparently idiotic.

A recent series of stupid comments blaming lesbian and gay people for every known societal illness has begun to emerge. Here is the most recent lunacy to show up on my radar.
French opposition politician, Nicolas Dhuicq, declared that terrorism is the product of upbringing children by same-sex couples and that same-sex marriage would 'provoke psychosis'. Gay Star News

Incredibly, this idiot holds degrees, no less, degrees in in psychiatry. Learning does not always impart wisdom.

This is the same sort of crap the German propaganda machine heaped on Jews, and Japanese militarism used on Korean and Chinese styled in Japanese press as "sub-humans." It is designed not to offer truth but rather to dehumanize the, "other."

There is a danger. The hate-monger needs a target at which to aim the weak minded follower, a loud voice, and men with guns. France has always had an ultra-right wing component. Near the end of WWII, a French daily paper published an article suggesting that Anglo-American culture was a greater danger than Germany. For Hitler Jews, for Togo Koreans and Chinese, for Dhuicq, lesbians and gay men. Of course, we know from the records of the Shoah that gays were a target in the 1940's too.

I am not a fan of hate speech laws. And I am sure that even crap like this is protected when spewed in the National Assembly. But, I hope the French keep an eye on this nutcase. Sanity, decency, and caring are not required to become a dictator. One needs only an, "enemy" to purge, a loud voice, complete disregard for truth, a certain amount of cunning, and men with guns. It works in Syria and it could work in France.

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