16 December 2012

Blog Readers

When blogger was for all practical purposes the only blogging system and "social media" was not a phrase, it was fairly easy for a blogger to get readers, and to have some conversation with those readers. Things are a bit different now. Wordpress and Blogger have evolved to be be one part of a CMS (Content Management System) revolution that has Joomla, Droopal and the other purpose built systems on the other end.

Social media proliferate, with the classic issues arising. Facebook is arguably not the best one, but the Google and Microsoft's offerings are chasing market share. The end of that story is still before us.

In this marketplace, an essay based, or life story based blog has to attract an audience and is very lucky to attract a conversation. Interestingly, we have evolved a phrase for efforts to attract an audience, "blog whoring." I suppose I must plead guilty to trying -- is that, "attempted blog whoring?"

In any case, this weekend, I crossed an interesting set of thresholds. The blog now has over 10,000 visits an 15,000 page views. Not bad for a small blog in a large sea of words. I appreciate your reading my thoughts, I invite you to comment.


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