31 December 2012

Goodbye Kimi

Kimi, a Chinese Chin dog aged 10 years, crossed the rainbow bridge today. She was a very, very good dog, her people's joy and friend, and a sweet pall to Twinkle who crossed the bridge a while back.

Her people are devastated. Kimi was so much a part of her people's lives that we sent more Christmas presents to her than we did to her people. Kimi sent presents to our cats.

Please pray for Patti and Bri who will enter the New Year mourning their friend, and for the golden tail Kimi so richly deserves. I believe our animal friends await our coming. If I am correct, Kimi is running and barking with Twinkle as they await their humans.


Leonard said...

Sweet Kimi, going onward adding more blessings to eternity. Peace to you and yours. Leonardo

JCF said...

Enjoy your Golden Tail, Kimi (Wag Howdy to Mitzi, Sasha and Bro)

{{{Kimi's Pack}}}

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