01 January 2013

On Friendship 2013

More Christmases pass now, without a word.
November elections, December celebrations, all pass.
All without a sound.

Silence, sullen, rules.
Years resonate in the silence.

I anticipated January birthday dinners; carried the cash to pay for years - untouched.
52 years of Christmas traditions; dead at 49.
66 years we share, not old age perhaps, but near enough.
Years remaining, now ruled by Silence.

Still I wonder:
What task undone?
What word unsaid?
What duty failed?
What misunderstanding felt but not spoken?
How did we begin a path that lead us here?
Were we unaware?
How did Sullen Silence come to us?

Friendship 2013


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Christmas has its dark sides. I tried, with less than well developed poetry skills, to express some of the loss I and others feel.

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