14 January 2013

TSA v. Whacko's

I followed a link taking me to a TSA page about what you should leave home when you fly (hat tip to Amy Chin on Jet.) At first glance it was somewhat amusing, our fellow citizens tried amazingly silly stuff to get various forms of contraband past TSA screeners. On reflection however, some thoughts emerged.

The photo of a book cut away to conceal a revolver with the cylinder removed was interesting. One wonders if the idiot who tried that thinks x-rays cannot penetrate paper? Maybe they should be informed that TSA angents can watch bad spy movies too.

Sword canes? Really? What the devil does anyone think those will do in a crowded (and all of them are these days) airplane? I thought our problem was guns while China's was slashers? Didn't these nuts get the memo?

Did someone really think a chastity belt would not trigger the metal detectors? Hello!!

Everyone from Congress to the TSA screener on the job has to be aware that sometimes, something that should not fly does. No system, no matter how carefully adminestered, is perfect. I do not know what gets through, and I am sure if TSA managers knew, they would change the system. But something does.

What does it say about us that knowing the law, and everyone does, over 1500 idiots tried to take a gun on a plane in one year?

One of the things that makes the Al Quieda terrorists scary is that these people think. They are indeed our enemies but we should not underestimate them.

I have no idea what resources the terrorists have available after the killing of Mr. bin Laden, and several of his top staffers. Were I a terrorist with some volunteers and cash available, I would be sending some of smugglers through TSA. I would then be looking at who flew. I unlike TSA would be able to see what got through. The chaff, the data that comes from goofy flyers whatever their innocent motivation may be, makes that analysis harder for TSA and does not harm Al Quieda's.

Am I saying trying to smuggle your sword cane or pistol past TSA is unpatriotic? YUP!!! Your right to keep and bear arms does not mean that you should endanger your fellow flyers. Nor does in mean you have a right to carry enough black powder to blow a plane out of the sky. There are lawful ways to move things like that around the country.

I am looking forward to the NRA explanation of why the public should be able to freely own, and fly with grenade launchers.

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