10 February 2013

Last Sunday After Epiphany

The church brackets this time of year, beginning on a fixed date from the Christmas cycle, 6 January, and ending on the day we transition to seasons based on resurrection instead of the birth narrative with lessons and Gospel readings designed to make the meaning of Christmas clear. This, the last Sunday after Epiphany with its transformation readings, is always the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

Freely translated an, "Epiphany Moment" is one where finally, someone says of something important, "I GOT IT!" So as this season ends, can we say, "I GOT IT!?" Because the expectation of the catholic liturgy, that six weeks after Christmas, as we transition to the lunar calendar and the coming remembrance of crucifixion and celebration of resurrection, we can say of the coming of Christ to us, "I GOT IT!"

How is that going for you? Did you come to understand as you contemplated Christmas trees and gifts, that the greatest gift of God to God's people, is indeed God? One need not know theology beyond that. If you understand that much, you can skip the books.

To really have that Epiphany, that sense that you got it though, you need to make the next step. As Peter failed to do on the mountain top but succeeded on a roof top, you have to come to the call that rises from this moment: ministry. Not ordained ministry few are called to that, and many fail. Rather we are called to a ministry of living into God's kingdom, loving God's people, and caring for God's earth. When you understand that those things flow from the Christmas narrative, the Calvary lament, and the Pascha (Easter) announcement; then you may proclaim, "Epiphany," "I got it!"

May that moment, that joyous understanding, come to you this Lent. As we move from Christmas to Easter, may the contemplation of the meaning of Sundays after Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week and finally Pascha bring you to the understanding of it all.

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Amen!! Well done :)

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