07 March 2013

Some Special Writing

Regular readers of my little essays will have noticed I have not been writing the last few weeks. This is because my writing time has been taken over by some real crises issues in my parish. Even if I had a few more hours to write, I am focused on things like security matrices and access points. Not the stuff of scintillating posts!

But, my dear friend Susan, who is like me a lay member of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition, has been doing and writing about some very interesting things. And she writes brilliantly. So here is a link to some amazing writing about some amazing goings on in Florida. Florida apparently actually trying to tiptoe into the 21'st century and make, "gay marriage" just part of "marriage." To read about Susan's experience is the discussion, follow this link.

I hope to be able to write something of my own next week. Almost certainly it won't be as good as Susan's three posts about the discussions in which she participated.

See you soon!

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