01 May 2013

And Then There Is Tennessee

In a previous post, I wrote about marriage equality. Based on the events I see around the country and in my own State, I waxed optimistic. I ended that post with the observation that, "this will be a wild ride." I may have understated a bit.

On 24 April 2103, a date that will live in stupidity (with apologies to FDR) the Tennessee General Assembly passed Senate Joint Resolution 134 titled the "Ido4life" resolution. I mean how corny can they get, the "I do for life" resolution.!

The resolution references Genesis 2, 24 as a proof text for the idea that marriage is open only to monogamous, two gender marriages.

Of course there are problems here. The legislature may apparently missed the little detail that they are in the United States. These dopes ignored the unbroken string of cases back to about 1867 which make it clear that Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian Scriptures, and even the Holy Q'ran are irrelevant when one is arguing definitions. We have this constitution that makes establishment of religion unlawful.

And the verse they site does not prove what they want. They are rather bad Biblical scholars too. In a sense they can be forgiven for this one, they seem to have relied on a fundy preacher who may preach but on the evidence, does not study.

Over-all a disaster for Tennessee's right wing. The resolution makes them look bad, and does not send the anti-gay message effectively. When someone turns the lights on, proponents of this crud look really, really bad. Call it the Todd Aikens effect.

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Leonard said...

Even for me, a person who has witnessed a lifetime of first person homophobic stupdity, this kinda desperation to be heterosexual is extra colorful...downright dimwitted and certainly embarrassing to the children of these knuckleheads.

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