15 August 2013

Lord Williams remebers he is a progressive

All through his time as Archbishop of Canterbury, I wrote about Dr. Williams' apparent surrender of principal to institutionalism. In my view, that "ism" is almost always a gross error, and I think any review must agree with my view that it dominated the Church of England and the larger communion during his term.

Ah, but that was then and this is now. Dr. Williams spoke publicly in Scotland, and I find myself in rare agreement with what he said. I know -- I was surprised too.

For some time (years actually) I have noted and bewailed a flight to victimhood tactic employed by those who are not on the winning side of an issue. Take for instance the claim by some American super-right wing politicians that they are exploited victims when a rape victim exercises her right to terminate a resulting pregnancy. Can we all say, "oh really!" Comparing the actual victim, thr girl, with persecuted Christians in other lands is incredibly myopic.

Which leads us to Dr. Williams' comments. He contrasted the real situations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with some of the alleged persecution of Christians in the UK. (We should remember the Church in England is still an established church with some of its bishops sitting in the house of lords.) He went on to say that those claiming to be a persecuted faith in the UK should, "grow up." Well said sir!

I rather doubt that Lord Carey, the most visible of the victimhood seekers will suddenly grow up. Being a victim is handy, it gets you BBC coverage. But at last, someone of similar standing has called the tactic out for what it is, an immature cry claiming one is being harmed when at worst you feel uncomfortable.

Welcome back bishop. What took you so long?

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