04 October 2013

Political Hostage Taking

I have no idea what most of my readers think about the Affordable Care Act. I am also sure that there are some tweaks that the law will require as we learn how it looks after the roll-out. But for the foreseeable future, it is the law, and it is funded.

I still think the right solution for America's various health care issues was the removal of all age qualifiers from Medicare combined with the elimination of the maximum taxable income from social security. But we are not likely to see something that simple coming out of Washington any time soon.

Which of course, leads me to the current mess. It is simply wrong,and often politically stupid as well, to try to use an unrelated topic as hostage for something else. It is indeed hostage taking. In this case, with the entire operation of the Federal government and, a possible economic collapse that could spread far beyond our borders at stake, it is simply unconscionable.

This sort of political lunacy leads us to a US Representative saying that having shut down the Federal apparatus, he had to get, "something. I do not know what that is." While attempting to sound reasonable, he sounded more like a balked school yard bully.

This has all the earmarks of a complete breakdown of the House Republican Caucus, and with it a looming electoral disaster. All the president and the rest of us have to do is refuse to be bullied.


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