13 April 2014

Palms and Treachery

So Jesus has taken to Jerusalem. He first enters in triumph. And then, the single act that brings the Temple authorities down on him like an avalanche. He disrupts and attacks the sacrificial system.

aa In a theocratic state, Israel was actually several in uneasy tension, religious actions have political consequences. Jesus interrupted the flow of sacrifice, and denounced the excesses of those who supplied sacrificial animals and temple currency. That one act of rebellion, combined with his teachings against the Herodians, made him a cadre of enemies. Enemies with power.

Everything flows from this - Jesus took on the political establishment, upset the apple cart, could never be a good member of Justin Welby's Church of England. And as Welby is willing to sacrifice Justice and lgbt members to appease evil, Caiphas was willing to have one man die to placate the Romans "for the people."

Caiaphas at least had an excuse. He was faced with a powerful occupier, and a theocratic polity. Welby has none. If the price of maintaining unity in the church or the communion is injustice, neither merit the cost.

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