15 August 2014

Police Riots, with Surveillance For All

What can be said of Ferguson, MO? Is there some redeeming value we can observe in the out of control, vicious, totalitarian conduct of the police, the failure of the police chief and mayor to intervene, and the silence of the citizens, especially the white citizens?

What is most disturbing to me is the attempts to justify the initial shooting. After all, "he might have stolen something!" Now there is a reason to shoot an unarmed person several times while he has his hands up! It seems the Constitution and the "presumption of innocence" have not penetrated some people's awareness.

No wonder some African Americans hate us. We have these dolts working at making hate sensible. The wonder is that some Blacks do not hate all Whites!

Years ago, a former friend (he dropped me) and I were discussing American society. I proposed a wider, more expansive culture where only, "American" mattered. He argued that this simply could not work, and that we needed a society that was based on what he saw as the inherent differences between superior (white and Asian) and inferior (black, native American) people. He suggested what he called, "a humane form of national socialism." I was dumbfounded, I said it simply could not work. Ferguson has made my case.

Decent Americans, a group that seems to exclude most of St. Claire County Missouri's police, have a choice. Turn the police back into a civil service, or live under the army. Our ancestors passed the posse comitatus act after the War Between the States. It prohibits military and some other (CIA) agencies from operating inside America. It is a good law, and we need to bring it back. For openers we should ban the sharing of military equipment with police without specific authorization from Congress for EACH ITEM, EACH DEPARTMENT, EACH TIME. Cops with tanks is not, and cannot become, America.

Whatever we call it, national socialism is immoral. Decent people, Christian people, simply may not support it. Ferguson shows us why.

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