16 October 2014

1945? Really?

I was born in 1946. Like most living Americans, I have never seen the Cubs in a World Series. I doubt there are any living Americans born before 1909. The last time the Cubs won was the 1908 series.

Yesterday, Kansas City's Royals won the American League title and a spot in the World Series. Comments by various fans and journalists noted that this is the first time they have done this since 1985. OK, Cubs, want to explain why it has been 69 years since you got to the series?

OK, I admit it - I am a White Sox fan. Our team does get to the series from time to time. Chicago was over-joyed last time we made it. Even Cubs fans were excited. I think it about time Cubs management wasted less energy on the ballpark, and put more into, you know(?) winning?

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