27 October 2014

Lies, Damn Lies, and

When I was doing a lot of statistical programing, it was often said that, "there are 3 kinds of lies, "lies, damn lies, and statistics." I cannot speak for others, but the people worked for and with, and I worked hard to let the data speak. We did not come to the data with preconceptions. And those who collected the data similarly, sought to gather reality, not some picture they were painting.

So, if I begin with, "Lies, Damn Lies, and _________" what goes into the blank? Thanks to radio ads, here is an answer! Thank you Jim Oberweis!

Oberweis is the current perennial candidate in Illinois. He has run unsuccessfully for various State offices, and is the current Republican nominee for Senate. I am cynical enough to think he got the nomination because no rational person wanted to run against Senator Durbin. Oberweis, whom I would never suggest is a reasonable person seems however to think he has a chance, and is running a lot of ads. He has an advantage to the GOP, a combination of unbridled ambition, and a lot of money. So he can largely self-finance a doomed campaign.

Which leads back to our blank. Believe it or not, Oberweis is out with an ad that tries to blame Senator Durbin for, "the gridlock in Washingon!" OK, go ahead and laugh: I did!

Washington where the (Republican) Speaker says success is measured by not passing bills, where (Republican) Senator Cruz and (Republican) Congressman Ryan consider letting the government shut down a good thing, in that Washington, somehow a Democratic Senator is responsible for gridlock!

Apparently Faux News logic is contagious. I suppose if Senator Durbin were in favor of dismantling equality for various minorities, impeaching the president for criminal Blackness, and outlawing unions, there would arguably not be gridlock.

So, my little blog has an endorsement. Illinois, re-elect Richard (Dick) Durban. As a US Senator, he is diligent, has a good record of being willing to work on a bi-partisan basis to actually solve problems, and maintains a commitment to equal rights. He is in short a reasonable choice. His opponent is the answer to the blank: Lies, Damn Lies, and Oberweis Ads.


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