13 October 2014

Open Letter to Stephanie Miller

I listened to your and Stephanie's reactions to a call today with some sadness. You took a call from, "Stephan" regarding marriage. He said that he thinks that the next barrier to fall should be those polygamous marriages that involve immigrants arriving, from Islamic or other countries that recognize such marriages. He suggested that the refusal of such recognition is an effective bar to immigration as second or other wives do not share legal status with the first wife. He would have noted that "bigamy" laws are also a disincentive.

Unfortunately, you chose to assume, incorrectly, that he is a rightwing troll seeking to tarnish the newly legal LGBT marriage rights. Neither you nor Stephanie gave him a chance to explain.

Stephan is my son. He is no rightwinger and raised in a family that has supported LGBT rights for decades, he is not opposed to marriage equality. He works for Muslims and actually knows that one argument against immigration can be the legal status of "second wives.

I can think of a dozen problems with polygamy, and probably miss a few. But in the case of previously married candidates for immigration, the objections fall. Our Anglican church has dealt with the problem for years in Africa, where converts come to us with multi-wife issues. We have learned that saying, "ok, but no more!" is the compassionate choice. Anything else places women at extreme disadvantage.

Which is where Stephan hoped the conversation would go. And frankly it should have gone.

Respectfully, you blew it.


Anonymous said...

thank u father

Anonymous said...
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JimB said...

Ah well, Stephan, you were misunderstood and I think mistreated. I noticed of course because it was one of my sons being mugged. I wonder how often others have similar experiences?

I think even talk show hosts should respond to what is said, not what they choose to attack.


JCF said...

Jim, can you provide a link to a podcast or transcript? Because I'd like to know more.

JimB said...

I do not know if there is a link? I would start on the show's web page.

JimB said...

I do not know if there is a link? I would start on the show's web page.

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