21 November 2014

Process and Writing

One of the "buttons" on the blog software's editor allows an author to delete a post. This button can be a really handy item.

I think many writers come to appreciate that delete key. We can vent, sometimes both vicious and vociferously, and when we have finished our rant, delete it.Sometimes that is the best thing to do, even when you are right.

That explains why I have not posted for a few days. Posts have been written, but then deleted.

I discourage reading my stuff, such as it is and what there is of it, by some groups. I do not, for instance, generally make the blog visible to the electronic community in my parish, and indeed block some of them. (Bloggers can do that sort of thing.)

My reasons for doing that vari, but the dominant one is a certain desire to avoid uneccesary conflict within the group. I am aware that at least some people are not interested, and are affronted if they are forced to consider, the topic. It is not my role to force them to think about things. And it is my role to try to avoid arguements in some groups.

So, nothing much new here today. I will see about tomorrow.

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