31 December 2014

31 December 2014. 8th Day of Christmas.

31 December 2014.  8th Day of Christmas

Yes there is a point to my header.  In a real sense, Christmas (remember Christmas?) is about how we think about of time. Jesus comes after all of Creation holds its breath and time stops, waiting for a teenage girl, not a saint, merely a young woman who tries to behave as a young Israelite woman should, considers Gabriel's message. With a single sentence, "I am the servant of Adoni; let it be for me as you say." That acceptance turns time on its ear.

Now, sages begin to travel towards Jerusalem. Now an infertile couple conceives and a son is named, John. Now, all through Palestine, the new message, that the kingdom of God is at hand will be preached, and heard. From her acceptance forward calendars are changed.

Our common usage, either "A.D. or C.E" arises from that girl's acceptance. The secular, and anti-Christian world have moved to a midWinter event that works perfectly well without Miriam. I think that is very, very sad.

What is joyful is the effect of Love, the Word made flesh dwelling among us, and the ministry of salvation that all came from that calm, "as you say".  The world was forever changed. Are you? Am I?

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