02 February 2015

One of the mysteries that frustrates those of us on the progressive side of the street, is the way so many States (typically called the "red states" in our media") generate majorities that vote against their own interests. A map now circulating on the net shows those States with the higher poverty numbers correlate with those choosing Republican government.

We are a Republic: States may choose as they wish. The head scratching for Progressives, and Democrat politicians arises because the choices are so counter-intuitive. One might think of Parisian mobs supporting the aristocrats. I am struck by the question of what Pete Carroll was thinking at the (odd!) end of the Super Bowl. It is not that one may not make choices, I just do not understand how the choices make sense to anyone.

I was surprised to note today that I have not posted since New Years. This has been an unintentional hiatus. I have written and discarded a number of things. Is that, "writer's block?" I do not know. But if it is, I hope I am over it!


JCF said...

a + b = c


c - a = b

c - b = a

Unfortunately, I believe the above is a complete mystery (or else even emphatically DENIED) in too many Red States.

Instead, it's

"FOX sez Iz Bad" = BAD!!!!!!

JimB said...

I think the logic (you should forgive the word) is:

IF Faux News says "it is bad"
OR The black guy from Kenya says, "It is good"
THEN It is bad


JCF said...

OR The black guy from Kenya says, "It is good"

You mean the lawless Mooslim guy! }-X

JimB said...

You know, in my less optimistic moments, I think Mr. Obama could be a Kenyan national, and a Moslem where he white, and the opposition would be less personal and virulent. I am white, so I guess I can say that. Were an African-American to make the point, he would I am sure be, "playing the race card."


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