22 June 2015

Spin Can Sicken Us

It is at best difficult to express the horror that we feel as we contemplate the killing of nine people in a Bible study and prayer meeting in Charleston. Nine people shot by a man who in his own words was killing Black people.

I am quickly becoming almost as horrified or nauseated at least, by the emerging event spins arising from interest groups. There are a significant number of these. In my reading of the social media and viewing of the news channels, I have noted a few:
  • An NRA board member actually blamed the deaths on one of the victims who as a State Senator opposed a law making "open carry" apply to churches. I know, I also did not believe it. You can read an article on the subject here If you can stand it.
  • Several "white supremacist" websites are denouncing the shooting as, "anti-Christian" not because they suddenly love their African-American fellow citizens, but because they are worried about adverse publicity.
  • Anti-gun groups have lept into the spin game with various calls for new restrictions and laws.
  • A host of news reports seem determined to "analyze" the shooter's motivations so that their proposed changes in the law, ranging from pro-gun, to anti-gun, to pro-mental healthcare funding, are advanced.
I want to scream "STOP!" The rush to politics, especially on social media, is utterly disrespectful. Nine families have lost their loved one, and given South Carolina law, another will. It is time to mourn, we can spin the news later. OREMUS! Let us pray. The rest can wait.

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