31 July 2015

"Christian" Paranoia

Long ago, in a country far away, the evil men who wanted to destroy the republic found that they could not win elections, nor sieze power. Their leader found another way to power. He began claiming that he and his followers were victims of a minority that had recently been granted full civil rights. Suddenly, his speeches were listened to by those in the society who were failures.

The tactic worked so well, it was expanded. Now, instead of a conspiracy of minority people destroying the country from the inside, the completely fictional conspiracy was expanded to involve supposedly sinister international co-conspirators. The claim of being a victim resonated so much with the losers, they began to join organizations devoted to the leader, and become violent.
The conspiracy succeeded. Claiming victimhood all the way, the leader eventually took over the government. Suddenly there were prison camps where members of the minority, forced to wear special identity badges were gathered, and systematically killed. Elections were discontinued. The leader, now the "Ruler," did not need a legislature or elections. The republic died, a victim of the paranoia common in the looser class, and the refusal to consider a mirror when wondering why a person failed.

The other political parties were outlawed. Opposition became treason.

Those who have ears, let them hear.


Tracie Holladay said...

This is why I think atheists will be the new Hitlers.

JimB said...

Parables often have more than one meaning. Your reading is interesting!

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