14 December 2015

St. Francis Xavier La Grange, IL.

We are broke. The cost of my insulin is greater than our disposable cash. So, we struggle. One way we have been surviving is essentially begging - we stand in line at St. Francis one day a week, and the lovely (they truly are) people treat us as guests, and give us food. They have even learned that we are stuck with a completely gluten free diet. Sue is a celiac. For her, wheat is a toxin. They actually set donations aside when the see they are marked GF. Without them, an amazing physician, and several other churches. we would have to choose between food and medications.

I tell you this because the children of St. Francis did something extraordinarily nice. They obtained 11 Christmas trees, with lights and stands, and then hand made ornaments to decorate them. As you might guess, a fairly large number of poor people come to the pantry. So the staff held a drawing, and I won a tree!

Our decoration budget for 2015 is zero. But life is less drab now thanks to the kids at St. Francis school. We are surrounded by saints. They are still out there, still quietly doing the loving things of God.

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