06 November 2017

Feast of All 'Saints 2017

This feast, All Saints Day almost needs its own defenders in modern culture. Beset by faux-Christian right wing piety, which dismisses all the holy tradition of the communion of saints, wide ranging indifference among traditional protestants, and the ever growing encroaching Halloween party season, there is not a lot of space for the day.

I do not dislike Halloween, in fact I am always available for a party, Sue-z and I have candy for trick or treaters, and love seeing our grandkids and the area youth in their costumes. In the USA, Halloween party costs now exceed those for Christmas. I do not mind the parties and fun but the overshadowing All Saints is I think a problem.

Episcopalians and the RCL do not help. This is the only feast of the church year that is mobile. That is the Prayer Book permits us to arbitrarily shift it the following Sunday. And the lectionary avoids any controversial readings.

I think the feast has much to teach us. It speaks to us of one cloud of witnesses. The brotherhood of all is in that concept as is the common needs, and abundance. Whether we are liberal, conservative or non-belieber, we are all, ALL called to the same end and the same cloud.

A Blessed All Saints, Lamas, and sabbath should be our proclamation.

Trick of Treat!

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