01 October 2018

Heeeeeeeeeeee's back

Ok, so it has been a while. The last post on this little blog was in March. After March, I went through what I am now calling the Summer from Hell. I had three(!) hospital admissions, two of them emergencies, two surgeries, one major back surgery, and a host of ongoing challenges. Sue-z had one emergency admission. My granddaughter had another.

I think my expectations of the back surgery were a bit off. I did not realize how long the recovery can be. I am healing, in one of the emergency situations the alternative is death, so I am glad this is so. Both Sue-z and Pearl are healing. But to say the least, I was not writing for a while.

I think the sheer pressure of the ever shifting political scene has created a desire for simple quiet. Americans are used to demagogues. But we have generally declined to elect them. Now that one of the most blatant facist demagogues in our history in the White House. Chaos reigns.

I wonder where your willingness to pay attention is now? I am almost forcing myself to watch TV news. For decades, back to the 1950's I have been a political junkie. I never have wanted less information, until now. I subscribed to two daily papers, but not now. (Well no one subscribes to papers anymore, but I have been reducing my access to similar media.)

Tonight, after the confirmation hearings, the courage and integrity of Dr. Ford has cut through the chaos. I completely believe her, she was indeed victimized. No woman forgets the face of the attacker on top of her. He did it.

That is my reaction to the news. What is yours?

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