27 May 2020


I am a white man. If a black cop murdered me by kneeling on my neck, he would be in County Jail. That is simply true and if as a white person, you even begin to get that, it is time to shut up about not seeing white privilege. The video of that murder in Minnesota, and the trivial consequences; they were fired? Why were there no arrests? Oh, white privilege, and yes blue privilege. White cops don't go to jail for murdering black men.

It is time to make justice flow like water as the Scripture has it. Indeed it is past time.

A friend quoted this article which is in Sojourners, a publication I commend to you. Here is a link. Go there, read, digest, and ACT!

I guess this needs to be said, albeit in a mature country led by a mature president, it would not have to be said. First, Justice is not revenge, although certainly consequences must come to the violent, the vicious, and the murderous. Consequences simply are. Second, leadership is not being tough. Any bully can be tough, especially if he is president. Leadership is sharing burdens, letting others know you feel the nation's anguish as we confront horrible racism in Minnesota. Leadership does not seek to ignore the posse comitatus act and impose military solutions on problems, call governors doing their best to balance the First Amendment and public order, week fools. Leadership can be strong and nonviolent.

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