23 June 2020

fathers day 2020

So Father's Day has past. The home improvement centers will have to find another reason for me to buy stuff I do not need. Sue and I live in an 800 square foot appartment. I had to chuckle at the adds to sell me a backup generator.

I was touched deeply by the care my sons, daughter-in-law, and grandkids showed. My younger son settled for a web greeting, pointing out that he has not been tested. When it is safe, he will buy the first Guinness, which is enough. My elder son, and daughter-in-law, wearing N95s, brought the masked grandkids, and a gluten free cheesecake. Outside, we served, ate, and cleared without going into the apartment, and without getting less than 6 feet apart. They were heartbreakingly careful.

There is a point here. My family is not afraid of Sue or me: they are afraid for us. They have a lot more contacts, carefully, but they have public contact jobs. Christal particularly, deals with children. We do not hug much now.

This Father's Day brought me to tears. Both of my sons will tell you that is rare. But this day, by caring so much, and social distancing, they did it. I don't deserve this, but I will for sure accept the love.

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